About Us

IntelProbe is a Turkish company specialized in the areas of next generation defense technologies, cyber threat intelligence and cyber security solutions.

IntelProbe developes solutions in its R&D center to provide up to date and high technology integrated solutions for near future needs while aiming to expand as the sector grows. Consequently, for this purpose IntelProbe has set out its journey by integrating the Technologies and framework of four companies in the field of defense industry, software and cyber security and values the search for further solutions through joint studies with its partners.

IntelProbe provides solutions to both private and public institutions and organizations across the world while performing joint studies with national and international institutions to meet current security and technology needs as well as to maintain its long-term growth strategy.

IntelProbe is a result of more than twenty years of experience and besides its existing Ankara and Istanbul offices, it expands its global competence by branching out internationally. IntelProbe offers advanced technology-based detection and mission system integrations in the areas of “Data Security”, “Data Analytics”, “Tactical and Strategic Cyber Defense and Intelligence” as well as continuing to perform studies in other areas including “Geographical Infrastructure Systems” and “Augmented Reality Based Simulations”.

IntelProbe conducts studies through the nearby geography and especially in Turkey on the qualitative and scale development of big data and artificial intelligence based cyber threat intelligence projects.

With its wide ecosystem, ability to develop software and hardware based products and its domestic and international network, IntelProbe is the primary choice in both public and private sectors. The company works to strengthen its position as an expert company with the knowledge, experience, talent and technology transfers that it provides.

IntelProbe has the absolute determination to continue to grow each passing day with the goal of creating powerful security solutions for secure informatics infrastructures.