Human Resources

Intelprobe’s values enables a good organizational fit by guiding us to cherish smart, reliable people and recognize success and those who contribute to success.

Our employees, or team members as we like to call them are carefully selected for their analytical and communication skills, talents and qualifications to establish an astute environment that enables creativity integrated with diversity. We believe that it is essential to know the individual identity of each and every one of our team members to provide what fits best to their needs to help them achieve their retirement plans and it feels true to say that our employees are ready to contribute at any moment for the well-being of Intelprobe too. Having created such a respectful and fair workplace is the reason why we are the leader in the hearts and heads of individuals with which we work with. Our committed members highly consider the needs and demands of our customers and help them manage and reduce their workload by implementing the right technology and procedures because the prosperity of our customers is the reason why Intelprobe exists.


As human resources,

- we respect laws and individual rights

- we are against any kind of discrimination

- we work to help carry our business just and fast

- we hold responsibility to train and guide our employees

- we increase motivation by keeping a warm communication


We are here to build good relations and strengthen the bond between you and our members.


We want do our best in all that we do as both Intelprobe and human resources to ensure to uphold our professionalism and work every day so please send any query, suggestion, comment or request for information you might have to the following address: