Advice to candidates who will make a university choice 'do not stay away from software'

Pavotek and IntelProbe Chairman Dr. Alper Özbilen domestic technology companies and Turkey, said that the need for young people working in the field of advanced technology.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Alper Özbilen said that success is important, but having a horizon that cannot be drawn with a single exam is much more valuable, "Success in business life depends on continuous self-improvement, perseverance and work." used the expressions.

Turkey's future science, technology and R & D in that and without telling them that the expansion of the economic capacity of the country and not be able to be a player in the international arena Özbilen, said:

"I will not talk about imagination, but I would like to point out that success is not possible without imagination. The horizons of a young person should not be narrowed only by the stress of how to find a job as soon as they graduate. Young people should not position themselves as a passive object to be employed only. they should see the qualification in themselves.

Based on the data, I would like to express many concrete in front of Turkey is bright and is increasing production capacity in specific areas of business. A lot of people graduate from Turkey, capabilities, thanks to the energy and the investments they made themselves come to an important place in the world's leading universities and companies. We see that the share allocated to R&D activities in our country is increasing day by day and that important incentives, especially in the field of technology, have reached the power to grow different sectors in terms of both volume and number. "

"We are planning activities with students and alumni at the Data Science Research Center"

Pavotek and IntelProbe Chairman Dr. Alper Özbilen reminded that in the last 10 years, very serious support has been given to the fields of information and defense industry, "For example, today the volume of defense projects has reached 60 billion dollars, and defense industry projects exceeded 700. This will increase even more. He also reveals the human power who wants to show his talent by saying 'I am here too.' he spoke.

Pointing out that the product culture based on projects and technology obtained from the defense industry acts as a locomotive for industrial and civilian areas, as in other examples of success in the world, Özbilen continued his words as follows:

"In addition, new working areas are emerging for young people who want to build their careers with university-industry collaborations, which are among the priority agendas of TÜBİTAK and YÖK. In addition to different institutions and organizations, many private companies such as ours also energize the young and dynamic population. For example, employing our colleagues, who are 20 percent of our own company and who have not yet graduated, as long-term interns in important topics such as big data, artificial intelligence, cyber security, embedded software, mobile application development, hardware design. We have adopted the policy.

We continue the productization processes based on R&D with more than one university. We opened programs for our young friends in our incubation center in Ankara. We plan to carry out many research activities with our friends who have just graduated or who are still students with the 'Data Science Research Center', which we are continuing to open in the Informatics Valley this fall. We see these activities as an effort to gain new skills and build the future with them, as well as social responsibility. "

"The obstacle to a good career, the appetite for effortless results"

Özbilen local technology companies and Turkey's horizon; Stating that they need young people in satellite, space, quantum technologies, advanced avionic system design, cryptology, chip and sensitive electronic component production, sensor technologies, he concluded his words as follows:

"Our young friends, who are on the verge of making important decisions about their future with the rush of university preference, should not stay away from computer and computer sciences, especially software, be it basic science disciplines such as mathematics, physics, chemistry or engineering branches such as electronics, industry, machinery. To know a certain amount of software means to be able to read and write in today's conditions.

Many abilities that complement the profession, such as learning software, can be acquired more easily than expected with materials to be obtained on the internet or through a number of courses, but above all with willingness and patience. Career is built not only by school and department, but by the sum of all kinds of efforts. The biggest obstacle to a good career is the appetite for shortcuts and effortless results. "

Source: Anadolu Ajansı