IntelProbe data science internship program continues.

The data science internship program organized by IntelProbe continues with 40 students.

Speaking about the internship program, Işıl Özden, IntelProbe Deputy Sales and Marketing Manager, stated that the IntelProbe data science internship program is a very important internship program for the future of students.

Işıl Özden, IntelProbe Sales and Marketing Assistant Manager, said the following about the data science internship program.

"We never hesitate to take responsibility for young talents"

"In fact, we have completed the applications of the data science internship program, which we started before and opened the senses in June, as of July. As a result of the evaluation of these applications, we have started the studies of 40 students as of Monday, July 13. In the field of big data machine learning, video-sound processing and distributed systems, we want to give our students experience and prepare them for their career lives in this sense. As Intelprobe, we actually want to bring our country's young talents to the field of data science. we are not afraid of time. "

Ege Kemahlıoğlu, one of the students within the scope of IntelProbe summer internship, stated that the IntelProbe internship program has improved herself in practicing.

"We were able to put the information we learned more theoretically in school into practice here."

"I think the program is very beneficial. Because a 2-month process will add a lot to us. During this 2-month period, information from quantum computer to data science, from data science to data analytics, then to the legal evaluation of this and how the data should be analyzed instantly. We were able to put the information we learned more theoretically in school into practice here actually. "

Ufuk Süngü, one of the 40 students who were eligible to participate in IntelProbe's program, stated that he positively stated his career plans during his summer internship.

"I am trying to unite the cyber security field alongside artificial intelligence"

"Beyond knowing the subject or not, we are happy to learn lessons from people who have seen the industry, who are doing business in the sector, and who continue to do things. Frankly, I am trying to combine the field of cyber security alongside artificial intelligence. I have a career goal where I can combine these two fields."

Sena Karadeniz, who was entitled to participate in the IntelProbe internship program, explained that the program affected her personal development as follows.

"I'm getting a professional education for my career"

"So far, there has been a productive internship program. I think it is an efficient education with both theoretical and practical applications. I wanted to get professional training here because I wanted to advance my career."

Deren Seren Salman, who conveyed his achievements in the IntelProbe internship program, used the following statements.

"We see the benefits of the internship program a lot."

“We receive information on data science. We obtain information in the field of machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence. Processing data becomes difficult, so it is aimed here to be able to process real data real time data. We see the benefits of the internship program a lot. "

Topics of the data science internship program are as follows;

Artificial intelligence
Artificial neural networks
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Text Analysis & Natural Language Processing
Big Data Infrastructures
Data mining
Data Analytics
Real Time Data Analysis
Digital Signal Processing
Sound Processing
Image processing
Hybrid Quantum Research
Shor's Algorithm
Grover Algorithm
Quantum Machine Learning
Ethics and Laws in Data and Analytics Applications
IT law
International Information Law