Cyber Intelligence

Cyber intelligence is very critical for organizations in terms of improving their capabilities on certain topics such as threat detection, prioritization or emergency response. Cyber intelligence can be defined as the information that IT department needs for detecting existing and possible threats on their network and for conducting effective incident response. Cyber intelligence is the output of threat researches and analysis processes of organizations. When it comes to cyber intelligence, organizations focus on the latest threats on their networks.


Why is it so critical?

When we look at the breaches it is easily seen that prevention does not always work. The situation is the same even for the organizations having unlimited budget for prevention. The reason is that every day we witness new threats. Therefore, it is not easy to follow the stream of cyber criminals and the techniques they use to target critical systems of organizations. We should always be aware that our organization will be targeted. Here at this point cyber intelligence plays a very important role. It is one of the most powerful weapon of an organization in the fight against attackers.


In order to conduct high quality cyber intelligence, you need to conduct detailed threat analysis. When the threat analysis is performed, the obtained data can be combined with the information about the tools, methods and techniques used by attackers. In this way, threats are effectively detected and responded.


IntelProbe Cyber Intelligence Service

IntelProbe gives priority to its cyber intelligence service in order to collect organized, analyzed and refined data on existing and potential threats for organizations. The main purpose of our cyber intelligence service is to help organizations to understand potential cyber security risks. In cyber intelligence, you can find in-depth information about attack types that can cause the most damage to your organization.

With IntelProbe’s advanced and effective cyber intelligence service, your organization will adopt a more proactive and comprehensive approach to security. With our team of experts, you will become aware of threats before they cause unrecoverable damages to your systems and data.


We develop and offer the most effective products and services by focusing on a great number of threat actors. We take effective steps by benefitting from our cyber intelligence researches with an aim to mitigate risks, improve incident response and enable overall security of your organization.


Our cyber intelligence service will support you to:

  • Assess risks against your organization, analyze the coming alerts and improve your overall security,
  • Increase the effectiveness of your security operations,
  • Build strategies in order to keep up with the latest threats,
  • Analyze your systems against potential vulnerabilities,
  • Understand the methods and techniques used by cyber criminals,
  • Integrate cyber intelligence into your existing security procedures.

This service will help you to:

  • Receive continuous detection,
  • Identify attacks,
  • Analyze the techniques and methods used by attackers,
  • Conduct experienced analysis on threats,
  • Achieve meaningful insight into overall security of your organization.


Why IntelProbe?

IntelProbe offers unique cyber intelligence service and security awareness. Our team consists of highly experienced consultants, analysts and specialists. Our team benefits from next generation methods and techniques for collecting threat data and modern tools to detect emerging threats or incidents. IntelProbe uses the most up-to-date techniques for detecting incidents. Our team has unique capabilities for managing the security of many leading organizations in Turkey. IntelProbe offers prospective and global insight into existing or emerging threats.

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