Network Operations Center (NOC)

Network Operations Center (N.O.C.) provides the service of collecting the alarms and logs of customers on network security devices and monitoring them in a centralized system to perform an intervention and solution study by creating an action plan.

Network Operations Center is a central system where Information Technology experts can monitor and manage network, devices and equipment remotely. Teams solve the problems they monitor or manage that appear in local and large areas, creates alarms and more importantly, takes the necessary steps to ensure that problems do not occur.


The Roles and Responsibilities of N.O.C. Experts?

They are responsible for monitoring and managing the health, safety and capacity infrastructure of institutions. They determine the alarms and levels that will arise from the problems that may occur in the network structure and develop an action plan and conduct necessary works. They work with other technical teams within the managed services to solve the problem and conduct root cause analyzes to prevent future problems.

In addition;

  • Network management, discovery and evaluation,
  • Firewall and IPS monitoring and management
  • Patch application / management
  • Optimization

Provide performance reports and improvement suggestions


Why is it Necessary?

There are many network devices, security devices, wireless network devices and critical server systems in the central and end locations in enterprise topologies. The performance values of these devices, accessibility conditions, instant control and follow-up of environmental and hardware

components, and rapid response and information in case of problems require N.O.C. service to be activated. Along with the N.O.C., problems in heavy conditions (power outages, fiber optic cable problems, etc.) can be solved more quickly and the problem can be monitored and analyzed with field / technician teams.

With the N.O.C. service, it can also be examined whether access problems between locations are caused by the service provider and can be registered quickly when necessary.


What are the Benefits?

  • Minimizing the Risk: N.O.C. engineers are experts in their field, who have experience and skills.
  • Reducing Cost: Establishment of N.O.C. within the organization is a costly investment, which is why taking it as a service decreases the cost significantly.
  • Safety: Providing N.O.C. service outside will ensure a secure organizational structure. N.O.C. ensures to resolve security vulnerabilities, monitors networks, and helps to take necessary precautions.


Team Expertise

Our consultants have long years of experience in network and security teams in corporate and global companies, operation and project management and system integrators. Correspondingly they have experience in the following segments;

  • Topology Design
  • Audit
  • Optimization
  • New Installation
  • Problem Analysis and Resolving
  • Health-Check
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