Zynga Data Leak

A Pakistani attacker announced that the game maker Zynga, who has more than a billion users, seized the user information of users who registered and installed oyun Words With Friends önce before 2 September 2019.

The attacker's claims that more than 200 million users have removed personal data from the database have been proven by Zynga's verification of the data breach. In addition to “Words With Friends”, information about Som Draw Something ”may be revealed. According to the notification from the company, no financial data has been reached.

The leaked data of all users who played the above games before September 2, 2019 based on sample data are as follows.

Phone Numbers (if provided)
Passwords (SHA1 format)
Facebook ID (if connection is established)
Email addresses
Zynga Account IDs
Password Change Tokens
Login IDs


If you are using any of the games involved (even if it is not listed) and you have identified your Facebook or Google account, we recommend that you update your password immediately.

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SMBv3 Remote Code Execution Zafiyeti
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WhatsApp Double-Free RCE Zafiyeti